1. PTGS-2 Duplex Gang Slitter Compared to PTGS-1, this slitter has below advantages: 1. First and second strip are all carried towards the cutter of the first and second slitter by TWO CHAIN with driving teeth. The position of the
    1. SMART-650 It is a perfect welder with intelligent eletronic control system consists of HMI, PLC and servo system, has special eletronic static adjustable frequency inversion system which is stability and can sav
    1. Can-o-mat for Aerosol Can A. This Four Station Combiner (6H) can guarantee the necking and flanging dimension more easily. B. The first pre-necking of 1 operation performs 50% of necking, and the second turret finalizes the nec
    1. EOE machinery The tab layout is compact , material usage is high. The conversion syst e m is consist of tab die, lane die, end separator and the other related tooling, mechanical transmission system, oil and pneumat
    1. No idle stroke The most prominent advantage of this sheet feed press is no idle stroke, means no any stroke will happen between the two sheets when feeding to the pressing die, the sheet is feed one by one by two ro
    1. CNC Double Row Sheet Feed Press It is our highest efficiency sheet feed press, max output up to 2800epm, different from the traditional sheet feed press pressing die structure which is only with one row, it is a press could assemble
    1. Complete 2pcs can production line It is a line could produce a 2 pcs can need three operations, but only with two presses.. The first press is a sheet feed press, same as the normal sheet feed press used for normal end. However, the se
    1. Multi-die Aerosol Cone Transfer Press This transfer press is mainly designed for aerosol cone use; it can be assembled up to 9 operation dies according to the requirement of different temper and thickness.
    1. Rotary Liner It is a rotary line with multi working heads, different from traditional single head liner, the mx capacity can reach 1,200 epm for small diameter end. It is applicable to variety of metal can end just
    1. GE600 Powder Coating Machine a. Compact integrated design, save and convenient for several production lines connect with the same powder machine via different pipe system. Although one powder machine can only serve one line, but i